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Friday, April 25, 2008

Bill Clinton on choosing candidates ....

"You better vote for the candidate who wants you to think and hope ...."

Okay, that was 2004, and we know how words can change in meaning. Right, Bill?

If Democrats were Republicans ....

Hillary Clinton on the democratic process and how she should win ....

Thanks to Eric Kirk of northern California's Humboldt County (from this former -- late '50s, early '60s -- Ferndale resident and Eel River flood veteran) who posted a comment here and whose blog brought this video to my attention.

Celebrating Hitler's birthday ....

The Michigan City, Indiana News-Dispatch suggests this may be the worst campaign idea ever. Tony Zirkle, a candidate for U.S. Congress in Indiana's 2nd congressional district, running on a platform of ridding society of prostitution, pornography, and the trafficking of "young, white women," recently spoke at a party celebrating Adolf Hiltler's birthday.

Zirkle said the meeting of the Nationalist Socialist Workers' Party was a "great opportunity" for him to "witness" his Christian faith.

Zirkle said he would also be willing to speak before "Black Panthers or Jewish Zionists."