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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Every candidate is following . . . Obama!

Mitt Romney finally got a win. In Michigan, duh!

How did he do it? Aw, shucks, you guessed it.

He did it by doing what every candidate seems to be doing since Iowa . . . by adapting his campaign theme to mirror Obama's.

Sure, Hillary Clinton admonished Obama for giving people "false hopes" . . . and at the same time made her theme more hopeful. Give me some time and I'll edit this to post something demonstrating this point.

Now, let's look at Romney. The Washington Post reports that Romney sharpened his campaign message in recent days to emphasize "the need for dramatic change in the way politics is practiced."

In his victory speech, he proclaimed a "victory of optimism over Washington-style pessimism." Sounds an awful lot like hope to me.

Guess what else? He "promised to carry his new theme into the rest of the primary states."

There's more. Obama long has been talking about "you" ... meaning the people ... his supporters ... everybody. He told us "your voice can change the world." Next it was Hillary, doing her pale imitation of the same. And now it's Romney. Here's a link to his speech (opens in new window).

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