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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Word has it that John McCain picked Sara Palin to be his running mate after meeting with her only once. Once. Just once.

They say Maverick John goes with his gut. Tough guy, goes with his gut. So why does he really need to know someone who would be next in line to be commander in chief? Just go with the gut, pick a buddy, and rush the enemy.

Why not make all major national and international decisions the same way?

Because its reckless (and foolish), that's why.

Stay in Iraq 50 years? Make it a hundred!

We know what John McCain's gut reactions are like. Asked about how to deal with Iran, he couldn't resist launching into a twisted rendition of the old Beach Boy's song Barbara Ann.

Bomb, bomb, bomb. Bomb Iran.



We have had enough arrogance and recklessness in the White House.

Vote Obama-Biden.

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