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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Anti-Fitial (Dylan) Hymn

Someone created this, and its been going around the web. I haven't figured out how to download it or dub it onto some video. Here are the lyrics:

On Saipan there’s a dangerous man
And he’s treacherous and he lies.
He has ruined institutions;
he has ruined people’s lives.

He has some co-conspirators
In the government, you know.
And they are all rotten to the core,
and everybody knows.

Back in the day, this dangerous man
learned how cheat and steal.
He learned from the boys in Hong Kong,
and they knew how to make a deal.

He sold us down the river,
a Robin Hood in reverse.
He steals from the poor,
and he gives to the rich.
It could not get any worse.

So good people of the Commonwealth,
It is time to stand and fight
against the man who got a massage
in the middle of the night,
from a federal detainee
released from custody.
And on that day he ‘flipped the bird’
to the Feds and you and me.

The time has come, this man must go
He’s a no good dirty lout.
And I pray for the day
that he will go to the Monkey House.
And there will be rejoicing,
for the people will be set free,
to get an honest Governor
who will help you and me …
to get an honest Governor
who will help you and me.

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