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Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Voter fraud" versus voter supression

According to legal scholar Jeffrey Toobin, writing last year in the New Yorker:
As many independent studies have found, "voter fraud" is a cure in search of a disease. There is no significant voter-fraud problem in the United States. Rather, these laws are transparent attempts by Republican majorities to stifle and suppress the number of minorities and poor people (mostly Democrats) who go to the polls.
Jeffrey Toobin, "Holder's Legacy," The New Yorker, December 27, 2011.

CREDOaction has sworn it "will not stand by and let another illegitimate president be inaugurated because of a stolen election in Florida." They go on to note: "In 2000, Florida's Secretary of State Katherine Harris provided the winning margin for George W. Bush by helping to "wrongfully" remove 7,000 Floridians — the overwhelming majority of whom were African Americans — from the voting rolls prior to the 2000 election." CREDOaction supported this statement with a cite to Judd Legum and Ian Millhiser, "EXCLUSIVE: Florida Congressman Demands Gov. Rick Scott 'Immediately Suspend' Voter Purge," ThinkProgress.com, May 23, 2012.

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